Letter from Dean of Students, NCCES

I am writing in regards to the preventative health program put on by the multi-service center entitled, “Sean and Betsie:  A Story of Friendship and Loss.”  This program was powerful, moving, and touched the emotion of even the strongest willed person in the room.  It was held at the perfect time; right before our school’s Prom.

The program is a true story  that happened locally not too long ago.  When the video started, some students were gasping at what they saw.  As I looked around the room, I noticed students intently listening to their peers tell this tragic story.  As the video ran, the room seemed to get quieter and the story started to become real for all in attendance.  As it ended, some were crying, but all seemed to have learned something from it.

As if the local story of t his tragedy was not enough, Dorothy LaPlante, Betsie’s mother, got up and spoke to the crowd.  You could hear actual gasps when she was introduced.  Her speech was not just about the situation, but about decision making.  She spoke softly, but her words carried so much strength.  I was personally moved by this portion of the program.

As a final portion of the presentation, two people who are presently incarcerated spoke about their situations.  They also touched on decision making and the power that just one bad choice can have.  They even mentioned that the earlier parts of the program have them thinking about things that they have done in the past and how to make better
choices for their future.

When the surveys about the program were handed out during lunch, students were happy to fill them out.   They spoke about being moved, touched, and emotionally connected.  This program offers students in our area the opportunity to see first hand how many peoples’ lives can be affected by others decisions.  Having it as a local story also brought some “reality” to the situation and having someone who was emotionally involved like Dorothy speak was amazing.  I honestly and truly believe that because of this presentation, our students will make amazing choices not only on Prom nights but in the future as well.

Dean of Students

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